Your Best Buds. Ever.

Meet the most comfortable earbud ever made. With features that fit your life, Know Comfy Earbuds will keep your ears happy and your content going all day.

  • Sleek Design with Ergonomic Ear Gels: Turn down the clatter of your daily life
  • Touch Gesture Controls: Control with the swipe of a finger
  • HUSH® Noise Cancellation: Turn down the clatter of your daily life
  • Unprecedented Battery Life: 6 hours of battery life, plus an additional 18 hours in the Comfy Case
  • HeadRest® Technology and Stellar Sound: Crystal clear sound without ear fatigue

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By its very nature, the audio space makes a lot of noise and doesn’t spend a whole lot of time listening. We decided to break that mold. Listening to what consumers needed, listening to what they liked and what they didn’t like. We took what we learned and went back to the drawing board.

What resulted were earbuds that are 100% designed and built to meet their standards. Sleek look with a comfortable fit, uncompromising quality, effortless controls, fast and convenient charging, extended battery life, and a fair price.

The Most Comfortable Earbuds Ever Made

We’ve broken the comfort barrier in earbuds. The three sizes of our unique ear gels are ergonomically engineered to fit comfortably in every ear. Every time.

The removable arms sit discreetly in your ears and hold on tight. They are designed to sit comfortably and spare you the sore ears we’re all too familiar with.

Hush® Noise Cancellation and Headrest® Technology

Hush® is the first Active Noise Cancellation technology to tackle noise in the mid-high frequency range (like conversations and traffic noise), as well as the low-frequency range that legacy ANC headphones handle (like plane engine drone).

Know’s HeadRest technology reduces listening fatigue by processing audio in a way that mimics how your ears process sounds naturally. Instead of your ears actively adapting to a forced simultaneous wave pattern, HeadRest bounces the sound around your head so you hear your content just as you would from an external source for a more physically comfortable experience.

Intuitive Touch Gesture Controls and Tech that Fits your Life:

No need to fumble for your phone or poke around for buttons. Touch gesture control allow a simple swipe of your finger to take calls, change tracks, adjust the volume, or talk to Siri.

They also sense when you take them out, and will pause your music or content for you, and automatically start playing again when you put them back in.

6 Hours of Playback Time with Fast Wireless Charging

Our innovative batteries are formulated to provide an unprecedented 6 hours of power with a full charge, with an additional 18 hours stored in the Comfy Case. If you’re running late, you can still get 3 hours of charge in the buds with an additional 3 hours in the Case with just 5 minutes on a charger – it’ll take you longer than that to find your keys!

Totally wireless means no wires. Not even while charging. Charge up your Knows on any Qi-certified charging pad. If a Qi pad is not available, you can still charge them with a USB-C.


Turn down the clatter of your daily life

Sleek Design with ergonomic ear gels

Designed to fit your style…and your ears

Touch Gesture Controls

Control with the swipe of a finger

Unprecedented Battery Life

6 hours of battery life, plus an additional 18 hours in the Comfy Case

HeadRest® Technology and Stellar Sound

  • Crystal clear sound without ear fatigue.


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