Sound & Science

Hush™ Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation uses external microphones to take in the environmental noise surrounding you. It uses an algorithm to determine the opposite sound waves to your environmental noise and layers them on top. The effect to your ear is the silencing of the noise around you, allowing for your content to come through much more clearly.

Traditional Active Noise Cancellation focuses on low-frequency noises under 100k hertz (think airplane engine drone and car motors). Realizing that our people exist in environments where there is a lot more than engine noise to deal with, we collaborated with long-time audio processing experts Cirrus Logic to develop a proprietary algorithm that not only tackles the low-frequency noises with ease, but also the mid-high frequency noises like conversations (we’re looking at you, loud talker on the train) and traffic sounds.

Hush® Active Noise Cancellation was created to be effective anywhere and everywhere your day takes you, and to keep the racket of your environment out.

Sound Profile

Many earbuds on the market utilize extreme bass or poor tuning that can quickly lead to ear fatigue. Have you ever paused your content because your ears needed a break? That's ear fatigue and something no one should experience, especially with high quality headphones.

We've worked with the best acoustic engineers in the industry to develop a proprietary audio profile that sounds amazing, eliminates the risk for ear fatigue, and keeps your ears comfy for easy listening all day.


We designed these from the ground up with style and inclusivity in mind. Clean lines, stylish curves, and a refined palette make a bold design that will integrate seamlessly into your look, every day, whatever that look may be.

Touch Controls

True wireless construction brought us a long way to an effortless experience when wearing headphones, but the loss of the wires left us with the question of how to handle controls. We were either hunting for buttons on our headphones, or fumbling to pull out our phones.

Our solution to this was to develop touch controls. A simple swipe on the outside of the Calm Headphones or on the stick of the Comfy Earbuds is all it takes to play, pause, answer a call, change a track, or interact with Siri.

Comfort Components

While we all like to compare sound quality, one of the main complaints we’ve heard with any set of headphones or earbuds is the comfort. Sure, they all feel great at first, but 3 hours into that long haul, your ears are singing a different tune.

On the Comfy Earbuds, we started from scratch developing the ear gels, using premium silicone and designing them to hold tight in your ear while not putting too much pressure on your concha and tragus. The arm is crafted of clear silicone to sit comfortably and discreetly in your ear to keep the bud securely in place.

On the Calm Headphones, we use acoustic memory foam for the ultimate custom-fit feel. The memory foam conforms to the unique contours of your head, eliminating pressure points. The memory foam also contours around the temples of glasses for more comfortable extended wearing for our bespectacled friends.