Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you're faced with a long cramming session, what's your favorite tool to help keep you on task ? Despite what our parents taught us, listening to music just might be the key to focusing and actually retaining what you're studying.  A good listening sesh can provide a host of benefits, many of which can help sharpen your mind and support your efforts, so get your headphones ready, and crack those books!

 Mood Booster

It goes without saying that music can lift your mood.  Studying is an inherently stressful activity. Having any kind of test hanging over your head gives just about everyone a baseline of anxiousness. 

Throwing on your headphones and tuning in to some of your favorite tracks immediately relaxes you and boosts your mood.  That more positive mindset will lay the foundation for a more efficient and effective study session.  More pleasant, as well! 

What's Your Motivation here?

We've all been there - hour eleventy five out of an eternal cramming session. You're tired, your eyes are drooping, you can't possibly go on for one more minute.  When you hit that point, take a 5 minute break and put on your best hype-up song.  Music you like will give you the motivation to go on.  Think about how the right song can push you to the next level in the gym - it works the same way with studying, so go ahead and put on that track, and have yourself a mini dance party.  It just might be the boost you need to take you over the finish line.  

Find your Focus.

Maintaining focus is one of the most important things you need to do while studying - it's also one of the hardest parts.  Music has been proven to aid in comprehension and memorization skills. The mood boost that music provides helps improve memory formation, and can keep you going through the slow slogs.  Listening to and processing music is like an exercise for your brain, so the more you listen, the more ready your brain is to absorb and retain the info you need for your test. 

Not All Music is Created Equal.

With all of this said, not all music is created equal.  Some music can actually detract from your studies, so it's important that you're choosing wisely.

Fast or loud music, music with complex lyrics, these can all do more harm than good when it comes to your focus.  It can take up bandwith in your brain, and reduce your comprehension abilities. For some people, any lyrics at all can be too distracting to allow them to focus.  So do some trial and error, and see what works for you.

Slower classical music is always a safe bet, but if that's not your jam, check out some of the fantastic playlists of instrumental electronic music out there, like Brain Food on Spotify.

Happy studying!