What is a Sound Bath?

We’ve all got that friend who’s the first to jump on any health and wellness trend.  Their latest obsession is their time at the Sound Bath.  

But...what the heck is a Sound Bath?

The first thing to know about Sound Baths is that they’re not new.  Not by a longshot. The concept of using sound to enhance meditation and wellness dates back centuries. In one way or another, different cultures over the years have harnessed the power of sound to heal and bring the body “into balance”.  

Practitioners claim that a Sound Bath can work it’s magic with anxiety, insomnia, stress relief, and depression using soothing sounds created by instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, overtune singing, chimes and various kinds of percussion.  The sound waves gently coax your subtle body (your energy body) and your physical body toward harmony. 


So, what happens at these Sound Baths?


Before you pack your bathrobe, know that Sound Baths have nothing to do with water.  The “bath” is a reference to your body being fully immersed in the soundwaves. The experience is, naturally going to vary from experience to experience, from practitioner to practitioner.  Some are communal, some are semi-private and some are private, but the core of the experience is the same.

You lay (fully clothed - remember, not an actual bath) in a soothing setting.  The practitioner introduces and blends sounds of different frequencies created by one of the instruments. From there, the sounds envelop your body, and you meditate.  If you’ve ever been close to a speaker at a concert, you know how sound can affect your body. It’s the same concept, except much, much, MUCH more gentle.  

The effects can help beginners reach a meditative state, and enhance the expert’s experience, and with that, amplify the benefits that meditation brings.