7 Audiobooks That Will Boss Up Your Life.

We all have different rituals for our morning commute.  Some of us listen to podcasts, some of us, music. Some love the standby drive-time radio show, and some people devour audiobooks.  

If you’re an audiobook aficionado, why not grab your Comfy earbuds and take that time and use it to enhance your life.   I’m not talking business audiobooks, I’m talking audiobooks that change your view of the world. Audiobooks that shake you to your core.  Audiobooks that present you with nuggets of wisdom that are profound and yet have been right in front of you all along. 

Here are 7 of our favorite audiobooks that just might bring about a sea change and rock your world.

      1.  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson - “Let’s be honest, shit is fucked and we have to live with it”.  In a world where every public figure is constantly positive and full of gratitude, we find ourselves overwhelmed with...giving a fuck.  The author, with absolutely no-holds-barred prose, shows us how to break that down and pick what in our life to spend our fucks on. Because the fucks we have to give are limited.  Be judicious with them, and for the love of all good things in this world, save some for yourself. 

      2. Daring Greatly - Brene’ Brown - We’d be remiss if we didn’t put at least one Brene’ Brown book on this list.  This woman is like the caffeine in our veins on the morning after a banger of a party.   Daring Greatly shows us the importance of courage, and how setting aside our fear of failure and diving in can allow us to live a life we’re proud of.  At the end, that’s all we can hope for. Seriously, though. If you’re not reading a little Brene’ Brown, what are you doing? GO!

      3. This is How - Augusten Burroughs - Augusten Burroughs can be in-your-face sometimes, but sometimes, we need that.  When you hit the rocks in any aspect of your life and board the struggle bus, this is the book to turn to.  The author shows you how you are capable of handling anything that this world can throw on you with wry wit and searing truths, and that, indubitably, you GOT this.

      4. You are a Badass - Jen Sincero - You want to turn your life on it’s head?  Start here. I would love to get a read on how many businesses were launched after reading this book.  Jen Sincero’s witty candor takes you through how to peer out of the weeds of your own bullshit and start living the life you were meant for.  It’s powerful, and it’s something everyone should read. What are you waiting for, Badass?

      5. First, We Make the Beast Beautiful - Sarah Wilson - In a world that is growing more and more connected and divided at the same time, anxiety is a monster that’s thriving in the chasm.  Taking its name from an old Chinese proverb saying that “to conquer a beast, you must first make it beautiful”, this book takes us through the understanding and ultimately, the path to mastery of Anxiety.  If you, or a loved one suffers from anxiety, this in an absolute must.

      6. Pussy: A Reclamation - Regina Thomashauer - Ladies, it’s time to step back into your power.  “Mama Gina” has been leading women back to their full, luscious, purposeful lives for 25 years.  Now, it’s your time. She helps us break down the systemic and societal patriarchy that is so deeply ingrained in our culture, and helps us (re)learn how to tune in, turn on, and take back our feminine power.   

      7. Brave, Not Perfect - Reshma Saujani - The world should be in awe of Reshma Saujani.  She conquered more before her 30th birthday than most people do in their lifetime. Became an Ivy League-educated lawyer, ran for Congress, and started a foundation that helps girls break gender stereotypes in the high-tech world.   She did it all because her focus was on being brave, not perfect. You ever hear that old quote “perfection is the enemy of good”? Well this book takes you through why, and how you can start changing your life to live your bravery and make the big moves! 

Armed with the wisdom in these books, I dare you to NOT try to take over the world. Life is too short to be a shrinking violet. Take up space.  Live your truth. Be Bold.

Now go do some epic shit.  That’s an order.