7 Easy Ways To Travel Like A Pro

With 2020 in our rearview, and COVID cases on the decline, we’re likely looking at one of the busiest travel seasons we’ll see in our lifetimes.  Ready to book your flights, but panicking because you've essentially forgotten how to travel?   We've got your back.   

Here are some tips to get you back in the swing of things, and get you back to traveling like a pro:

Learn to love the twofer. Packing things you’ll wear only once is a HUGE waste of space (skivvies excluded).  Choose items that are versatile, that can be dressed up or down, that can be worn more than once.   Also, whenever possible, pack things with  other items.  I.e. put your socks in a pair of shoes, stash jewelry in eyeglass cases, wrap cords around bottles or your brush.  Not only will things not get tangled, you won’t have to pack additional cases.

Invest in your luggage. nothing can create a hassle on travel days more than malfunctioning luggage.  Ideally, especially if you’re traveling to very crowded areas, look for “spinner” suitcases, with four wheels, that are solid and have smooth wheels.  If you’re a frequent traveler, spend the extra money on high-quality luggage. In the long-run, you’ll end up spending less than if you had to keep replacing cheaper luggage.

Wear slip-on shoes and breeze through security. Yes, the TSA lines are a drag. Doubly so on holiday weekends.  Make it a little easier for yourself and avoid things that will hold you up in the lines.  Wear easy slip-on shoes, don’t wear a belt, no chunky jewelry, and check your pockets.  Be sure to check your bags BEFORE you get into the security line for water in your water bottles, etc.  

Wear a big scarf or wrap. The Swiss Army Knife for travel. It’s great to use as a makeshift blanket if you get chilly on shorter flights.  They can hide stains and wrinkles, keeping you looking chic at arrival no matter how long your flight was.  Rolled up, they can be used as a pillow or neck pillow. They can even serve as an emergency napkin or wipe in a pinch.  Seriously.  Don’t leave home without one. 

Dress the part. the days of really dressing up for air travel are long since gone, but it doesn’t mean that a little sartorial strategy won’t improve your day significantly.  Look for a wrinkle-free top to prevent looking like you’re coming off of a 3-day bender after your flight.  As far as pants, look for pants with elastic waists that are not too tight or compressive. There are tons of companies making fantastic and stylish travel clothing like ADAY, but also check out a sporting goods store for some hiking pants.  Many look like regular pants, but have all of the stretch and breathability that comes with being made for hiking.  

App up. GateGuru is an air traveler’s best friend. Airports are only getting larger, that means there’s more amenities, but it’s getting harder to get around.  If, for whatever reason, you find yourself flying somewhere new, or with time to burn in an airport, GateGuru is loaded with all of the latest directory information - restaurant, restroom, services, and lounge info - all in one reliable place.  Know where you can find the best (or closest) cup of coffee or meal before you land! 

Quiet the chaos. - Air travel is noisy.  Between announcements, conversations, engine noise, crying babies, and that guy loudly telling the story of his life, you won’t have a second of silence until you leave the airport.  Noise cancelling headphones will help you find a little bit of calm in all of the chaos. Grab your Calm headphones, put on a movie, and drift off to dreamland.

Getting back to our normal travel schedules can seem daunting after staying in place for over a year, but with a little brush up, we’ll be back to jet-setting before we know it!